The Eastside Arts Initiative (EAI) plays an integral role in furthering the arts in Eastern LA County by providing grant funding for visual, literary and performance arts programs while supporting local artists and arts organizations to develop innovative creative work. Up to $150,000 in total funding will be awarded this cycle.

New Grant Cycle Open through June 2, 2024, 6PM

IMPORTANT: To adequately prepare your grant proposal, please:

  • Review the grant guidelines thoroughly.
  • Make sure to use the correct grant application type respective to your status as an “individual artist” or “arts organization” applicant.
  • Take the tutorial before beginning the application.
  • Ensure that all documents and links included in your application open easily and do not require passwords.
  • Keep a copy of your grant proposal in the unlikely event it is lost due to a technical malfunction.
  • For questions or technical support, contact the EAI as far in advance of the deadline as possible by EMAIL ONLY at: Include full name, phone number, name of organization (if applicable), and specific question or issue.  Do not call or leave a phone message.


  1. INDIVIDUAL ARTIST: May apply for a grant from $2,500 to $10,000. Must apply with a fiscal agent. (See “Responsibilities of the Fiscal Agent” below)
  2. ARTS ORGANIZATION: May apply for a grant between $10,000 to $25,000. Must be a 501C3 non-profit organization and apply directly and not with a fiscal agent.


Grants are awarded through a competitive process based on the merits of the proposal and these funding priorities:

  • Significance: Program fills an arts/cultural need in the community and has long-lasting value.
  • Distinction/Innovation: Concept is creative and innovative offering unique experiences.
  • Approach: Implementation and outreach plans are well-thought-out, such as how goals will be executed within a specified time-period.
  • Suitability: Budget and goals are realistic.
  • EAI Partner: Program furthers the arts in Eastern LA County and opens pathways to opportunities in the visual and performing arts.


  • Applicant must be an artist or arts organization serving in one or more of the following Eastern LA County communities: Westlake/Rampart/Downtown LA to East L.A; Northeast LA to the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys; and the Southeast LA/Gateway communities of Bell, Bell Gardens, Commerce, Cudahy, Huntington Park, Maywood, El Monte, Montebello, Monterey Park, Pico Rivera, South Gate, Vernon and Walnut Park unincorporated.
  • Artists must be 18 years of age or older and may apply only with a fiscal agent that is an established 501c3 non-profit arts organization that can provide: an IRS determination letter, IRS 990, and annual budget (see “fiscal agent responsibilities” section below for further requirements).
  • Artists must have sustainable creative work and submit a resume summarizing a minimum of two years of artistic work history and accomplishments.
  • Arts organizations must be an established 501c3 non-profit and able to provide: an IRS determination letter, IRS 990, and annual budget.
  • If the proposal is for a Public Art Project, the applicant must provide a letter signed by the site property owner and a permit from the municipality (if applicable) confirming approval of project specifications and site location.
  • Public art projects must be permanent installations and include a programming component. Non-permanent public art projects are not applicable.
  • Grant proposals are not accepted directly from schools or government entities. However, proposals are accepted from artists or arts organizations for partnerships with schools or government agencies where arts programming can be offered free to the community.
  • Proposals are not accepted from prior EAI grant recipients who have not submitted closing report from previous grant award (this does not apply to EAI emergency grant recipients).
  • Grant must be utilized directly as proposed, and within one year of award or funds must be returned.
  • Grant closing reports to the EAI are due two months following conclusion of program.
  • EAI Logo or recognition must be included in all related marketing materials, such as acknowledging the EAI’s support in flyers, social media, press materials and other public information.


  • Creative Crafts: Contemporary or Cultural/Folk Art
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Literary Arts
  • Digital and Media Arts
  • Graphic Arts
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Technical Arts
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • Arts Trades: (i.e., recording engineer, production assistant, set designer, costume designer, make-up artists, etc.)
  • Commercial printing, advertising, marketing DO NOT qualify


Applicants are encouraged to attend the virtual EAI grants informational meeting. This is a good opportunity to get direct responses to your questions. Otherwise, you may find the information needed to apply for a grant in this “guidelines” page.

The virtual meeting provides a Q&A session regarding the EAI’s funding priorities, grant guidelines and application process. Register for one of the meeting dates listed below:

Register Here for April 10, 12PM

Register Here for April 17, 7PM

Register Here for April 30, 7PM

Register Here for May 16th, 7:30PM


Video must include example of proposed program or of applicant's work.

1.VIDEO (Required):

  • This is an opportunity to share your creative work or vision for your project.
  • Maximum NO MORE than two minutes (more than two minutes will be disqualified).
  • Film in 1080p or higher (may use Smart Phone).
  • Video must have full rights and clearances for promotion, including all music; and may not be commissioned for commercial use.
  • If video is submitted in foreign language, must include English-language subtitles.
  • Applicant agrees that the video furnished may be retained for file, reference, and archival purposes, and will be viewed partially or in its entirety during review of the grant application.
  • See grant application for URL instructions.

2. IMAGE (Optional to also include for visual arts program)

  • See application for upload link and acceptable formats such as photos, renderings or others
  • Applicant agrees that the image furnished may be retained for file, reference and archival purposes, and will be viewed partially or in its entirety during review of the grant application.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE FISCAL AGENT (required for artist applicants):  A fiscal agent is an organization who agrees to be responsible for grant funds on behalf of the grant recipient. For this grant application, the fiscal agent:

  • Must be established for seven years or more as a 501C3 non-profit arts organization.
  • Receives and is responsible for the grant funds on behalf of grant recipient.
  • Reviews grant proposal to understand the program deliverables and fiscal obligations before applicant submits proposal to the EAI.
  • Along with applicant, is responsible for closing report if grant is approved and when closing report is due.
  • Legally required to: maintain its own records of the grant expenditures/disbursements; keep receipts for at least three years following receipt of the grant; make financial records related to the grant available upon request; distribute funds directly to the grant recipient in accordance with the grant proposal and on disbursement schedule upon mutual agreement between grant recipient and Fiscal Agent; and is responsible for required tax forms with grant recipient.
  • Provides a letter (on organization's letterhead) signed by both the Executive Director and Board President to be included in grant application confirming the organization will serve as the applicant's fiscal agent and will take on these responsibilities listed. This is not an MOU between the applicant and fiscal agent.

* Applicant may check EAI webs site under "discovery" for a list of fiscal agents or email the EAI for a list of the fiscal agents if needed.