Congratulations to Our 2023 Fall Grant Recipients

Alejandro Poli, Jr., (“One Man”), Visual Artist & Muralist: “Los Paseos of Historic Whittier Blvd Mural Project in Pico Rivera,” will enhance the local neighborhood with large scale street art murals and offer a young artists mentorship program.

Alessandro Gentile, Director & Filmmaker, East LA: “Della” is a short film featuring a fierce and determined fighter, who faces an upheaval when pitted against a skilled opponent and the clash in the ring triggers unresolved emotional pain for both.

Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley: Year-round youth arts programming offered from a Mobile Art Van that provides opportunities to showcase creative work to the community.

Cyndy Fujikawa, Filmmaker, Northeast LA: “Ninety Minutes Later”, documentary final editing and scoring, Spanish-language subtitles translation and public screenings in the Northeast and Southeast LA communities.

Gerardo Gutierrez, Filmmaker, East LA/Westlake: “Valentina y la Sombra del Diablo” (Valentina and the Devil’s Shadow), a family-friendly Mexican play featuring traditional children’s folk songs to teach young people about the warning signs of sexual assault.

Highland Park Independent Film Festival: “Film for the People 2024”, community film series with film screenings, curated events, music and a documentary mentorship program for local youth.

Janice Tanaka, Little Tokyo: “June Kuramoto Legacy Project”, Sansei seniors and Japanese Koto musicians will reunite to join master kotoist June Kuramoto as she passes down her knowledge for future generations. Lessons will be recorded online, and performances will be held in the community.

Johanthan Perez, Musician, Southeast LA-South Gate, Huntington Park: “Connect, Create, Inspire,” a series of musical performances highlighting local eclectic talent at neighborhood creative spaces promoting cultural enrichment and community-building.

Kase Peña, Writer/Director, Northeast LA: “Trans Los Angeles”, post-production of short film featuring the lives of trans Latinx women in Los Angeles.

Latino Theater Company (LTC), DTLA: “God Will Do the Rest,” presented by the LTC and Artists at Play, Nicholas Pilapil’s play reflects on one immigrant family in L.A., and how their lives are fueled by tenacity, perseverance, and the courage of those who came before them. Sprinkled with Santo Niño prayers, karaoke, and chicken adobo, the play explores the complicated ways Filipino Americans grapple with love and duty to family.

LAMusArt, East LA: “Youth Music Ensemble,” year-round, tuition-free instruction consists of a choir, chamber orchestra, jazz ensemble, Mariachi, and string ensemble offering East LA youth the experience of collaborative musicianship through culturally specific repertoire, fundamental technique and public performance.

Luis C. Garza, Visual Artist, East LA: “Razón de Ser,” a documentary capturing the unique work of this Chicano photographer who, through his photography, uniquely captured civil rights movements from Southern California to New York and internationally during the 1960’s and 1970.

Mary Cheung, Multidisciplinary Artist, Northeast LA: “Leap off the Page, Be the Character in Your Own Story,” an innovative, intergenerational program fostering socialization between all ages through art workshops where participants develop stories and create individualized characters from favorite modern or classic tales.

McCall Cadenas, Writer/Director, City of Commerce/East LA: “East LA Trilogy Project-Laugh Now Cry Later,” three distinct narratives, exploring the rich tapestry of East LA through the lens of film, interconnecting with the opera piece "Asunción”, and concluding with "Spider," a thought-provoking theater piece.

Miguel A. Miranda III, Lighter Fluid Hip Hop Conference & Showcase brings together musicians, producers, and entrepreneurs for workshops, forums, and musical performances.

Piero Giunti, Los Angeles: “Los Lobos Native Sons”, a documentary about the 50-year musical career of East Los Angeles famed group, Los Lobos.

Rey Sepulveda, Visual Artist, Southeast LA-Bell: “Community Print Program,” bringing the art of printmaking to Southeast Los Angeles, this artist residency program provides artists with resources and instruction on the creative process and entrepreneurship.

The Breakfast Table Sessions, Boyle Heights: “Spring 2024 Online Concert Series,” showcases BIPOC and Latinx musicians at the forefront of preserving and showcasing the rich tapestry of musical heritage featuring an East Los Angeles-based lineup and genres of Mariachi, Boleros, and Latin Folk.

The East LA Society of Film & Arts (TELASOFA): Annual independent film festival in the heart of the East LA and Boyle Heights areas providing a space for local filmmakers to screen their films to the community, producers and directors. Filmmaking classes are provided to filmmakers up to the age of 55 throughout the year.