Fall 2016 Grantees

APERTURA SHOWCASE: Multi-event, year-round showcase at Egyptian Theatre opens unique space for Latino filmmakers to expose their work to the entertainment industry; and build audiences from eastern LA County and throughout. Filmmakers all ages. Jan-Dec 2017

ARROYO ARTS COLLECTIVE-ARROYO PEOPLE PERFORM!: Bilingual performing arts program brings community together through family-friendly adaptation of timeless stories beginning with adaptation of “Alice In Wonderland” titled “Alicia In Arroyoland”. Provides performance opportunities for elders and youth. All ages. May-Oct 2017

CENTER FOR THE ARTS EAGLE ROCK-COMICS OF COLOR: Bilingual participatory arts project provides aspiring, underrepresented visual artists the opportunity to learn about the comic arts – artists will make their own comic book and participate in a community-contributed comic exhibition at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. Youth-all ages. Mar-May 2017

COMFORT/DISTURB BY CORKY DOMINGUEZ: Seeks to comfort the disturbed, and to disturb those comfortable with gentrification, oppression, sexism, racism, and the status quo. Corky creates performance art as a bridge between theater and visual arts for artists to see themselves as performers, and performers as artists. Adults-all ages. Jan 9, 2017-Feb 13, 2017

COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS FOUNDATION-Arts Education for Eastside Public Schools: Arts education through unique synergistic music, creative arts and dance classes for students with moderate to severe disabilities at Alphonso B. Perez Special Education Center in East Los Angeles-ultimately expands to other centers. Ages 5-22. Jan-Jul 2017

COMPANY OF ANGELS-This Land by Evangeline Ordaz: Theatre production storyline takes place over 150 years–four families with ancestry from different parts of the world make their home on one particular plot of SoCA land, known over the years as Tawauta, Rancho La Tajauta, and finally Watts. Each successive generation forces characters, made of up of community members to ask: “Should I stay or should I go?” Production is accompanied by community engagement workshops. Ages14 and over. Sept-Nov 2017

ECHO PARK FILM CENTER-Cinema Organica/Growing Community Films: Bi-monthly media arts workshops combining eco-friendly processes for analog Super 8 film-making in an innovative, community-oriented process of experimental films while educating about the importance of green space preservation and growing healthy foods. All ages. Jan-Dec 2017

GAYTINO PROJECT: Taping of two live performances for future screenings to permanently preserve Dan Guerrero’s “Gaytino” the play, a life journey from 1950s East LA to New York’s Great White Way in the 60s and 70s and back to Hollywood-story travels through decades of Mexican-American history and the gay experience from a personal perspective. Ages 18 and over. Jan-Dec 2017

LA MUSIC & ART SCHOOL-The Recording Studio Sessions: Original music composition commissioned specifically for LAMusArt and performed by its youth orchestra, jazz ensemble, and choir, the Audio Recording and Music Engineering program brings new and existing students together merging classical music with modern technology for a new musical recording produced in-house by students. Jan-Aug 2017

LUMMIS DAY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION- Muralismo in Northeast LA: A celebration of public art on LA city’s walls, showcasing LA’s mural tradition: 1. exhibition illustrating the history of muralism in LA; 2. re-creation of a lost Northeast LA mural; 3. bicycle/van tours of key Northeast LA murals; 4. Northeast LA mural database; 5. New mural by an eminent LA muralist and assisted by young local artist-themed to the foundation of the Southwest Museum and the birth of “multi-culturalism” as a guiding principle of LA growth. All ages. Jan-Aug 2017

SANTA CECILIA ORCHESTRA-Latino Composers-A Music Mentorship for Latino Youth: Afterschool music program in Northeast LA exposes students to their own cultural legacy through symposia led by established Latino composers; and instruction in all instruments–woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & French horn), brass (trumpet and trombone); strings (violin, viola and cello) and percussion instruments –Students eventually perform as an orchestra, the genesis of the Santa Cecilia Youth Orchestra. Ages 13-18. Jan-Nov 2017

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