2021 EAI Grant Fall Grantees

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 grant recipients!


ENRIQUE CASTILLO, Producer/Co-Producer, “Ugly Little Monkeys”, Valinda: Documentary captures the story about the origins of the youth mariachi movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNd6pgT3Dww

JESUS MARTINEZ, Music Producer, “The Breakfast Table”, East LA: Music series creates live music for community broadcasting year-round. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6p1mJBC4Bg&t=45s

YEU Q NGUYEN, Artist, “Weaving Hope”, Southeast LA: Traveling public art program and culminating art exhibit in partnership with StayArts Gallery. www.yeuqart.com/weavinghopeproject

WILLIAM THOMAS ROPER, Music Composer, East LA, San Gabriel Valley, “Juvenile Terrestrial References-Semi-Autonomous Regions”: Three-movement string quartet composition for community performances, with educational, recording and video documentation program components. http://roperarts.com/events.html

FANNY VELIZ, Film Director, Actor, “Latina Independent Film Extravaganza – L.I.F.E.”, Rampart-Los Angeles: Film festival to promote the work of Latina film directors and their contributions to cinema. https://avenida.tv


FUTURE ROOTS, INC., “Deep Routes”, Eastern LA County: Radio series collaboration with Metro Art and dublab radio explores Los Angeles’ multicultural musical histories from the perspective of existing and future transit lines. ale@dublab.com

LA RIVER PUBLIC ART PROJECT, “Lewis MacAdams Prize 2022”, Eastern LA County: Public art projects to address underused spaces along the River, promoting public spaces along the LA River’s eastern communities. https://lariverpublicartproject.org/

MEZTLI PROECTS, INC., “Cultural Worker Apprentice Program & Community Workshops”, East LA: Serving Native and Indigenous artists and creatives to learn teaching techniques while providing free arts programming to community members. https://www.meztliprojects.org

NEIGHBORHOOD MUSIC SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, “Student Scholarship Program”, Boyle Heights: One-to-one music instruction to youth on a wide variety of instruments taught by 22 Teaching-Musicians/Mentors committed to the unique music learning journey of each student. www.neighborhoodmusic.org

OPERATION STREET KIDZ, “Operation Street Kidz Produces Your Film!”, San Gabriel Valley and East LA: In partnership with Two Seas Media, filmmaking program for at-risk youth. www.facebook.com/OperationStreetKidz

PACIFIC OPERA PROJECT, “Iolanta by PYOTR TCHAIKOVSKY @ The Aratani Theater, Little Toyko, Eastern LA County: Through significant change to the work, will cultivate the blind and low-sight community into opera lovers. www.pacificoperaproject.com

SINERGIA THEATRE GROUP-GRUPO TEATRO SINERGIA, “Voces del Teatro-An Oral History of Latinx Theatre in Modern Los Angeles 1960s to Present”, Los Angeles: Complete oral history archive of Latinx Theatre. www.fridakahlotheater.org