Creative Project Grant Recipients – to complete projects stalled during the pandemic:

Mary Alfaro Bohemia del Silencio Record Album: Recognizable classics, re-imagined to highlight the LGBTQ experience-bolero covers/original track telling the story of gay girl love, loss, healing, resilience.
[Boyle Heights, East LA, Southeast LA]
Alejandro Chavez Popol Vuh: Book of the People Audio Drama: Dramatic adaptation of selected stories from Popol Vuh, ancient Mayan sacred text-story told through narration and dialogue, like “Theater of the Mind” radio dramas of the past. [Northeast LA]
Julia Chavez From the Eyes of Our Youth: Photography & Digital Media Project, Exhibition and Platicas (artist talks) at Plaza de La Raza.  [Boyle Heights, Eat LA, Northeast LA]
Juan Escobedo Blaxican Film: Story of young boy dealing with generational trauma while aged out of foster care system-left to fend for himself with nothing but a green trash bag with all his life possessions.    [East LA]
Minerva Garcia Pieces of V: A Memory Play-Theater Production:  One Chicana’s experience-through surrealist imagery, dance and movement, the power of police wielding in the lives of the poor will be examined/explored at Teatro Frida Kahlo. [East LA, Rampart/Westlake]
Logan Hone Community Band-Weekly community orchestra rehearsals/jams/workshops engaging individuals of all ages and skill levels in creative music-making with multi-instrumentalist band leader at Hermon Park in the Arroyo Secco. [Northeast LA]
Diana Martinez Abuelos Garden Book:  Written for all-ages with use of illustrations/photograhy featuring seniors/local residents, and their healthful gardens that are “Art”- sharing ancestral knowledge and healthy diets of our Mesoamerican ancestors.  [Northeast LA]
Jesus Martinez The Breakfast Table-Music Recording Series:  Musical experiences full of culture, soul, and love showcased from Decibel studio room.  Musical concepts developed from Jesus Martinez’ kitchen table, hence, The Breakfast Table.  [Boyle Heights, East LA]
Jorge Rivas Multicultural Dance Program:  Master dance courses for youths, culminating with recital at Aratani Theater in Little Tokyo. Parents help make the variety of costumes designs as part of the program [Northeast LA, Southeast LA]
Nancy Sanchez Soy Toluqueña Music Album:  Mexican American Folkloric Mariachi songs celebrating the rich traditions of Toluca, Mexico’s food, music, art, people and traditions.  (East LA, Southeast LA)
Brandon White The FUSION-EP Music Album: Brings together diverse local talents for a set of music tracks that ignite a perspective of truth-telling, compassion, innovation, and a collective future.  [San Gabriel Valley]

Emergency Relief Grant Recipients

Linda Arreola Visual Arts
Cori Bratby-Rudd Music
Jack Brand Literary Arts
Carlos Callejo Visual Arts
Natalia Correal Lesmes Digital Arts
Timothy Curtiss Visual Arts
Etsuo Ejiri Music
Martin Espino Music
Claudia Garcia Music
Malva Gillespie Visual Arts
Sarkis Gyurgchyan Music
Elizabeth Heredia Visual Arts
Jocelyn Jimenez Visual Arts
Salpy Kerkonian Music
Andre Mieux Music
Gerardo Morales Music
Yee Eun Nam Set Design
Tu Ngo Music
Armando “Ogie” Ogaz Contemporary Crafts
Julian Ortega Film/Theatre
Yelyna de Leon Ortega Film, Photography and Media Arts
Beth Park Music
Bryan Pezzone Music
Luis Antonio Pichardo Literary Arts
Brandon Rachal Theatre
William Thomas Roper Music
Eriberto Ruiz Theatre
Jennifer Sanchez Dance
Andrew Vasquez Film, Photography and Media Arts
Maksim Velichkin Music
John Zalewsky Theatrical Sound Design and Music Composition
Yihuan Zhao Music
Jennifer Zheng Theatre